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The Legend of Eddie the Whale

Bala mala whala? That's what  people say when they notice that someone is spreading kindness and joy, -- well at least in whale language.  Eddie is a Right Whale who takes a young boy on a journey through th​e waters of the Long Island Sound and teaches him lessons about kindness he will never forget.  The Legend of Eddie the Whale is available on  Have a bala, mala, whala kind of day!

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About My Writing 

  • Over the last 40 years I have had over 50 articles published on hearing loss, aging, grief, and a variety of other topics.  During that time, I have slowly lost my hearing,  and in the silence I heard my own voice.  In 2019, The Legend of Eddie the Whale was published.  I'm now working on another book entitled, Living in the Color Magenta:  Chronicles of a deaf, grey and Italian woman.  I will update this site when my latest book is available. Thanks for your interest!

About My Art

A sampling of my art can be viewed on instagram at the following location:

Or scroll down for images on this site.

 Samples Of My Art Work

A few scenes from The Legend of Eddie the Whale

Illustrations by Chris E. Hammond

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